Useful links

The Web sites listed below contain current studies, international standards, concepts, and information about events covering all areas of supply-chain, process, project, and quality management.
Numerous quality concepts, tools, and articles on quality and supplier quality.
Numerous articles on supply-chain management and other business subjects (German, most content requires subscription).
Swiss Association for Materials Management and Purchasing: seminars and training on procurement, purchasing, and supply-chain management (German).
Institute for Supply Chain Management: numerous articles on the subject of SCM (English, most content requires subscription).
A variety of information dealing with the SCOR model (English).
Association for Project Management: including large offering of training programs and current trends in project management (German).
Austrian Knowledge and Competency Network in Process Management (German).
Extensive listing of events, fundamentals of quality management, overview of new products in QM (German).
A large number of studies on the subject of supply-chain management (English).
Weekly newsletter on the subject of supply-chain management with extensive archive (English).